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6 Watch Faux Pas We’ve All Made

watch faux pas anchor

We understand that many people might question why wearing watches would have rules of conduct—which, consequently, lead to committing a faux pas—but to us, it isn’t as much about being pretentious as as it is about being proper. “A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait,” the 18th century German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said. After all, how you carry yourself in every aspect of your life says a lot about your character, so paying attention to the little things makes a great deal of difference.

We also suppose it must be said that this comes with a disclaimer: This article should be read with a grain of salt, because to be perfectly frank, we aren’t really talking about, say, global economics or domestic policy at the moment.

Here are a few things we’re trying to avoid doing.

Wearing the wrong type of watch

We understand having a personal preference, but to be truly stylish, one needs to know which situations and outfits work with which watch. Much like how you wouldn’t wear a tux to the beach or board shorts to a formal wedding, the formality of your watch needs to tie into the event you’re attending. Field, racing, dive, and pilot’s watches, for example, should be worn with smart casual clothing, while dress watches should not be worn with casual wear.

Wearing a watch that’s too big or too small

Think of the discomfort of a watch that’s too tight or too loose. The same goes for a watch that’s way too oversized or too small for your wrist. Lugs digging in where they shouldn’t, bracelets dangling or leaving marks… just like ill-fitting clothes, an ill-fitting watch can be uncomfortable enough to ruin your day, and your look.

Constantly checking your watch

Are you timing a race? If not, frequently looking at your watch while having a conversation with someone or while at a meeting comes off as terribly rude. It sends the message that your time could be better spent elsewhere. And heaven forbid you do this while on a romantic dinner: it’s the fastest way to guarantee you won’t be getting another date with the person anytime soon.

Asking inappropriate watch-related questions

By this we mean asking how much someone paid for a watch, where they got the watch, if they’re selling it, and the like when the topic at hand isn’t that watch. Showing your appreciation for another person’s taste by complimenting their timepiece is great, but much in the same way you wouldn’t discuss politics, or religion with strangers or acquaintances in most settings, delving into someone’s purchases reeks of impropriety.

Turning EVERY conversation into a discussion about watches

We get it, you know your chronographs and tachymeters from your tourbillons and minute repeaters, and that’s great. Still, the whole world doesn’t need to hear you proclaim your horological expertise every single time you open your mouth, especially when the ongoing conversation isn’t even tangential to anything related to watches. Most people—even watch newbs—can tell when you’re just showing off. Trust.

Wearing a fake watch

We’re unsure if we need to qualify this statement with the disclaimer “and trying to pass it off as real”. Just don’t be that guy.


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