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Integrated Bracelets, The Design That Changed Horology Forever

The Holy Trinity of Watches: left-right Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, and Vacheron Constantin Overseas.

What is an integrated bracelet? It is a watch design where the watch case and bracelet are
meshed together seamlessly. This is unlike the traditional lugs or horns where aftermarket strap
or bracelet attach to.

The integrated bracelet design trend started in the early 70’s. Although Gerald Genta was
credited for the huge success on the integrated bracelet designs of Patek Philippe Nautilus and
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, he is not the only one to start this trend. For example Jörg Hysek,
another talented designer from East Berlin, was responsible for the design of Vacheron
Constantin 222 in celebration of the firms 222 year anniversary, a precursor to the Overseas
collection. Half a century later, these design trends are making a comeback largely credited to the
success of the Big-Three.

Another reason for their popularity is the resurging trend for vintage, and I find classic-vintage
watches incredibly appealing. Their timeless looks and elegant design makes them a perfect
everyday watch. This trend eventually resulted in many brands launching new watches disguised
as homages, and some homages disguised as original designs.

Tissot Seastar released in 1978 during the quartz crisis. Image by The Watch Lounge

Then comes Tissot, the esteemed brand founded in the Swiss City of Le Locle back in 1853 who
released the Seastar Quartz back in 1978 to keep the interest on Swiss brands in a time
increasingly dominated by Japanese quartz watches. Today, the new Tissot PRX series, which
draws its heritage from the Seastar, is as close a homage to the original as you can get with some
21st-century enhancements. Among its releases, the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 is one of my
favorite. Its 40mm tonneau shaped case is perfect on the wrist both in size and weight. It is fitted
with a see-through caseback to view the high-tech NIVACHRON balance hairspring which was
jointly developed by both The Swatch Group and Audemars Piguet. This titanium based spring
has anti-magnetic properties, unaffected by temperature variations, and excellent shock
resistance. It also has an 80-hour power reserve for that over-the-weekend energy it needs to
keep its time even when not in use. This Precise and Robust watch is 10 atmospheres or 100
meters water resist hence the name “PRX”. The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 comes in 3 variants,
a black dial, blue dial, and a steel with rose gold PVD on silver dial.


Tissot PRX Powermatic in black dial.
Tissot PRX Powermatic in rosegold PVD, and silver dial.
Tissot PRX Powermatic in blue dial.

There are also 3 movement options not shown here due to space limitation. The Tissot PRX
quartz retailing at PHP 22,500.00, the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 automatic in steel with either
blue or black dial retailing at PHP42,000.00 with the steel and rose gold PVD at PHP43,900.00,
and the Tissot PRX automatic chronograph retailing at PHP100,200.00. They are available at
Tissot Boutique Ayala Mall Manila Bay, Lucerne, Chronos, Wristpod, and Swissgear stores. It is
also available online at

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  • Shop the best vintage watches
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