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Conquering Great Heights with the New Longines Spirit

A strong testimony to their pioneering spirit, once upon a time, legendary aviators and explorers like Amelia Earhart, Paul-Emile Victor, Elinor Smith and Howard Huges put their trust in the winged hourglass brand to embark on each of their incredible journeys.

Accompanied explorers on their journeys to the last unknown lands, defied extreme weather, navigated wild oceans and played a part in opening up new air routes and establishing aviation records. With the reliability, accuracy, robustness of Longines watches, they have majorly contributed to the success of numerous pioneering exploits.

A tribute to these exceptional men and women who have left a mark on history – encouraging new generations to push the boundaries. The Longines Spirit collection was designed with up-to-date, modern technology, with highly accurate movements that are all Chronometer-certified.

The new Longines Spirit brings its rich heritage back to life, marrying history with modern innovation, the collection takes traditional elements from pilot’s watches and combines them with contemporary lines and codes. The oversized crown, the flange, the pronounced step around the crystal, the front of the dial, the diamond shape indexes and large, luminous “baton” hands are all elements drawn from the days of pioneering aviation.

Elegant as it seems, the new models are equaled by nonetheless a state-of-the-art technology. Longines has fitted this range with self-winding movements with silicon hairsprings to ensure extreme accuracy and longevity. With a power reserve of 64 and 60 hours respectively, the calibres are chronometer-certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing institute.

Complemented by its domed sapphire glass with multi-layered anti-reflective coating on both sides, screw in crown, and engraved case back secured with six screws. The models are available in three hand/calendar models in both 40 mm and 42 mm and a chronograph in 42 mm. With a stunning matte black dial, grained silver or sunray blue dial, all stamped with five applied stars. The case is adorned with a steel bracelet, or a leather strap in dark brown, light brown or blue.

With the new Longines Spirit line, the winged hourglass brand proudly aligns itself, as its rich heritage entitles it to, with legendary pioneers who placed their trust in it. The collection is a celebration of those heroes of the past and their state of mind that has never dated: one of an ambition to perform well and a quest for excellence.


“I have often said that the lure of flying is the lure of beauty.” – Amelia Earhart, Aviator

Amelia Earhart

14 Hours and 56 minutes

That is how long it took Amelia Earhart to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic in 1932, wearing her Longines chronograph. With her fearless spirit, she succeeded in fighting icy winds and mechanical failures, becoming the first woman to connect the continents.


“The only thing we are sure to fail is that which we do not attempt.” -Paul-Emile Victor, Explorer

Paul-Emile Victor

U to -40 for 49 days

Paul-Emile Victor spent 7 weeks crossing the Greenland ice cap in 1936. Evn in the harshest weather conditions, his Longines chronometers continued to work accurately, helping him to calculate longitude.


“Children must be allowed to dream and have a horizon to work toward. For me there was only one path: I knew from age six that I wanted to fly.” -Elinor Smith, Aviator

Elinor Smith

32,576 feet

While flying at 30,000 feet in 1931, American aviator Elinor Smith blackened out. She was trying to break a record, when her plane dropped towards the ground, Smith woke up at the last minute and managed to land safely. Ten days later, she soared even higher and set a new record at 32,576 feet, relying on her trusted Longines watch. After becoming the youngest licensed pilot in the world at 16, Smith set multiple solo endurance, speed, and altitude records in her lifetime.


“Do the impossible, because almost everyone has told me my ideas are merely fantasies.” -Howard Hughes, Pilot and Entrepreneur

Howard Hughes

3 days, 19 hours, 14 minutes

Howard Hughes’ round-the-world flight record was timed by Longines in 1938. He is the best-known user of the Longines Sideograph, an on-board device for celestial navigation that was patented by Longines. The crew in Howard Hughes’ aircraft relied on the Longines chronometer watches, set to Greenwich Civil Time and to Greenwich Sidereal Time, and wore Longines Second-Setting watches for observation.

Do you have a strong pioneering spirit to take on great quests and explore the unknown? Discover the full  Longines Spirit collection here

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