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Category: Features

Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski

Hublot Loves Art

Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski

“The art of fusion” has been a guiding principle of Hublot, beginning with their first timepiece that featured a gold case and rubber strap. Since then, the watchmaker has released one daring watch after another, receiving design prizes along the way.

Hublot makes it a point to frequently collaborate with artists and designers from various fields who share the same visions and passions as they do. In 2015 the watch house established the Hublot Design Prize, an award which enables young artists and designers to garner the public’s attention by showcasing their boldness and creativity.

Discussing the importance of art, Jean-Claude Biver, chairman of Hublot’s board says, “Unlike technology, art never becomes obsolete. A painting by Matisse or Renoir may not be liked by the new generation, but it can never be obsolete.”

Hublot and Richard Orlinski

Richard Orlinski is a top-selling French contemporary artist represented by more than 90 galleries around the world. Orlinski is an advocate of art’s democratization which is why his works revolve around everyday subjects and are presented in public spaces. His sculptures feature bright colors and diamond-cut like facets, which take inspiration from pop art and industrial materials. It was their shared enthusiasm for innovation as well total design freedom that led Orlinski to collaborate with Hublot.

Richard Orlinski with red Kong statue

Fusing the world of watchmaking and sculpture, Orlinski incorporates precious metals with his artistic style. As seen in the Orlinski Classic Fusion 40mm in King Gold and in Titanium Pavé, the watches display a faceted case and dial that plays around with light and shade, similar to the French artist’s sculptures.


Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski King Gold soldierHublot Classic Fusion Orlinski Titanium Pave soldier

The same thing goes with the Aerofusion Chronograph 45mm in King Gold Jewellery and in Titanium Pavé. Once again, Orlinski’s characteristic folds are present but this time presented with an open-worked dial.
Orlinski Classic Aerofusion Chronograph King Gold Jewellery soldierOrlinski Classic Aerofusion Chronograph Titanium Pave soldier

Hublot and Sang Bleu

Maxime Plescia-Büchi is a renowned Swiss tattoo artist and the founder of Sang Bleu, a multi-disciplinary company that encompasses a tattoo studio, magazine, clothing brand, and creative agency. Plescia-Büchi works mainly with black ink and uses architectural motifs along with ancient iconography.

Maxime Plescia-Büchi

Upon describing his collaboration with Hublot, Plescia-Büchi calls it a match made in heaven. He firmly believes that they are the epitome of the highest level of technical and creative innovation in their respective fields.

Plescia-Büchi designed the Sang Bleu models with the intent to showcase how the world of tattooing can be fused with the world of watchmaking. He does this through unifying precious materials symmetry and strong geometric lines as seen in the Sang Bleu One Click 39mm in King Gold Pave and in King Gold Blue.

Sang Bleu One Click King Gold Blue soldierSang Bleu One Click King Gold

Hublot and Lang Lang

World famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang is highly regarded by critics and musicians like Metallica, Pharell Williams, and Herbie Hancock. He has performed with the top orchestras in Europe, China, and the United States, and for people of influence, such as Pope Francis, 4 U.S. Presidents, and monarchs from other nations.

Lang Lang wearing the Hublot Classic Fusion Ceramic Ultra-Thin Lang Lang

A big fan of Hublot, Lang Lang has collaborated with the brand to create two timepieces: the Classic Fusion 45mm Ceramic Ultra-Thin Lang Lang and the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon Lang Lang. Both models display Lang Lang’s initials at 12 o’clock, his signature at 3 o’clock, and musical notes placed on the watch.

Hublot Lang Lang Classic Fusion
Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon Lang Lang

Hublot Lang Lang Classic Fusion
Classic Fusion 45mm Ceramic Ultra-Thin Lang Lang

Hublot and Shepard Fairey

Born in South Carolina, Shepard Fairey is an American contemporary street artist popularly known for his Barack Obama “Hope” poster made during the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections. He also does graphic design and illustrations, which inspired Fairey to create OBEY clothing. Some of his other works are on display at the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in other galleries around the United States.

Shepard Fairey

Fairey’s decision to collaborate with Hublot was because he resonated with their craftsmanship and refined execution. Together they created special versions of the Big Bang Meca-10.  These display Fairey’s star gear logo at 3 o’clock, and a tribal, floral pattern created by the artist himself on the case and strap.

Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey

Hublot and Marc Ferrero

Marc Ferrero is a French contemporary painter and one of the leading proponents of the Storytelling Art movement. His body of work revolves around pop art, the repetition of imagery, different cultures and fictional characters. In partnership with Hublot, they unveiled the Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero.

Marc Ferrero

Heavily inspired by one of Ferrero’s iconic artworks, ‘Lipstick’, the dial celebrates the 21st century woman. Dominating the dial is a woman’s face with large sunglasses and a stick of lipstick placed by her mouth. The 39mm timepiece comes in red or turquoise.

Hublot Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero Red Hublot Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero Turquoise

Get to know more about Hublot and their relationship with art by visiting the Hublot booth at the upcoming Philippine Art Fair.

Hublot Magic Gold luxury watch materials

With the best of both worlds—cutting-edge technology and traditional watchmaking—at Hublot’s side, the luxury watch brand is only limited by their imagination. Materials not withstanding, the pioneering watchmaker has dared to use what others would not, even going so far as to create new materials.

Magic Gold

Hublot Big Bang Unico Ferrari Magic Gold luxury watch materials

Hublot Big Bang Unico Ferrari Magic Gold

Since it’s not possible to use pure gold due to its softness, people have mixed it with different materials to come up with more durable alloys. Hublot, in particular, found the balance between 24K gold and boron carbide, also known as ceramic. This resulted in Magic Gold—the hardest, most scratch-resistant 18K gold worldwide that can only be cut by diamond.

King Gold

Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski King Gold luxury watch materials

Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski King Gold

Hublot also came up with another kind of gold: King Gold. It’s Hublot’s version of red gold, but even redder. They achieved the fiery look by upping the copper content. To prevent the oxidation that comes with the higher percentage of copper, they also added platinum into the mix.

Colored sapphire cases

Hublot Big Bang Unico Blue Sapphire

Hublot Big Bang Unico Blue Sapphire

For decades, sapphire has only been used to cover the dial or the movement. Hublot is one of the first to manufacture sapphire as the material for a watch case and in several colors including yellow, blue, pink and red. The various tints are achieved by fusing different chemicals. For example, Hublot combined aluminum oxide with copper to come up with yellow. Replace copper with titanium oxide and the sapphire will be tinted with pink. Switch it out with iron oxide and out comes a nice sky-blue.


Hublot Big Bang Unico Blue Sapphire

Hublot Big Bang Unico White Ceramic

As a material for watches, ceramic has been known for its scratch resistance and lightness. Having used ceramic as a vital ingredient for Magic Gold, Hublot didn’t shy away from experimenting more with the material. Just last year, the watch manufacturer patented their invention of not only vibrantly colored ceramic, but the most resilient as well.


Hublot Big Bang Unico Ferrari Titanium Carbon

Hublot Big Bang Unico Ferrari Titanium Carbon

All of the strength and none of the weight, carbon fiber is one of the revolutionary inventions of our age. Hublot is one of the few watch houses to manufacture and use carbon fiber composites in their watches. For more intricate watch components, they utilize carbon fiber-reinforced polymer instead.

Come and see these watches and more at the “Hublot Celebrating Art of Fusion Exhibit” at the Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walkway, from November 12 to 15.

Classic Fusion Ferrari GT

An Iconic Duo

When Hublot and Ferrari announced their partnership in 2011, they made it clear that theirs would not be just a case of co-branding events and timepieces, but an intertwining of their activities.

Hublot has since been the official timekeeper and watch for the carmaker’s events, and the two brands have collaborated to produce over 50 timepieces to date.

The first was the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold. The 45mm timepiece was the first from Hublot to bear the prancing horse, and was also the platform used to introduce the watchmaker’s new proprietary material: Magic Gold. A combination of boron carbide and gold, the patented material is currently the only 18K gold alloy to be entirely scratch resistant.


Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold
The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold is the timepiece that marked the beginning of Hublot and Ferrari’s successful relationship

In the year that followed, Ferrari unveiled the LaFerrari, the carmaker’s first hybrid vehicle and their “most ambitious project yet”. Soon after, Hublot revealed the MP-05 LaFerrari.

The unusually configured timepiece was designed to resemble the profile of the eponymous car. Its movement – stacked instead of spread horizontally – could pass as a miniature version of a car’s engine at first glance. Comprised of over 600 parts, it boasted a 50-day power reserve the likes of which had never been seen before.


Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari
The Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari has no dial. Time is indicated on the barrels located on the right side,
while the power reserve is indicated by the barrels on the left.

Four years later, in 2017, the partners commemorated the prancing horse’s 70th anniversary by launching the Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph. The limited-edition timepiece was designed by Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari’s head of design, and was made to look like the chassis of a GT Ferrari.  The movement that drove all its functions, the hand-wound HUB 6311, was developed entirely in-house by Hublot. The timepiece was well-received by watch enthusiasts and designers alike, and was awarded the prestigious iF Design Award in 2018.


Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograpj
The Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph commemorated the 70th anniversary of Ferrari’s prancing horse.

This year, Hublot and Ferrari have expanded their joint portfolio with the Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT.  Inspired by the Grand Turismo spirit of “driving over long distances at high speeds in comfort and with style,” the timepiece is a departure from Hublot’s more angular aesthetic. The 45mm case – available in titanium, King Gold or 3D Carbon – gives the timepiece the illusion of concentric circles, and was made to resemble the dials on the Ferrari 1959 California and the air vents of the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

The timepiece was designed by the “Centro Stile Ferrari” (Ferrari’s internal design team) and outfitted with Hublot’s in-house UNICO chronograph movement. Awarded four patents, the movement drives the hours, minutes, seconds, date and flyback chronograph.

Sapphire crystal protects both sides of the movement, allowing a glimpse of the inner workings of the watch from the front and back.


Classic Fusion Ferrari GT
The new Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT comes in King Gold, Titanium and 3D Carbon.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT is fastened to the wrist with rubber straps wrapped in Schedoni leather – a nod to the seats of the Maranello historical race cars.

What to expect from this iconic duo moving forward is difficult to predict, but Hublot and Ferrari fans can be sure that design and innovation will be at the forefront of their next project.

See some of the most memorable timepieces from Hublot at the Hublot Celebrating The Art of Fusion Exhibit on November 12 to 15 at the Greenbelt Fashion Walk.

Zenith A384 Revival 1

Back To The Beginning

Zenith A384 Revival 1

For the 50th anniversary of the El Primero, Zenith’s most emblematic movement, the watchmaker released the El Primero A384 Revival.

The 37mm steel chronograph, with its white lacquered dial and black counters, is an exact reproduction of the timepiece that introduced the first automatic chronograph movement to the world.

Zenith A384 1971 publication material
At the time of  its first release in January 1969, the El Primero was considered groundbreaking. Until then, no other automatic movement was configured to integrate a column-wheel and horizontal clutch, nor were other movements designed to beat with frequencies as high as 5 Hz. These features were what lent the timepiece the ability to measure elapsed time up to 12 hours and with an accuracy of up to 1/10th of a second.

Zenith was heralded as a pioneering leader in the watchmaking industry, but in a dramatic twist of fate, the first quartz movement was introduced later the same year.

The company was sold to a new owner in the United States who decided that the best way to deal with the quartz crisis was to focus on quartz. Instructions were given to shut down Zenith’s Swiss manufacture, and to sell all the equipment in it.

Charles Vermot, one of the watchmakers who had helped develop the El Primero defied the orders. Instead, he dismantled all the equipment used to produce the movement, and stored them in the company’s attic.

It wouldn’t be until a decade later, when Zenith was resold to Swiss owners, that the El Primero was revived. Thanks to Vermot stealing away the equipment, there was no need to re-engineer the production of a chronograph. He had also kept meticulous notes, which eliminated the need to repeat the research and development of the El Primero.

Through the years, there have been many iterations of timepieces that housed the movement. But the El Primero A384 Revival is the most fitting way to celebrate reaching the movement’s half-century mark.

Zenith A384 Soldier
Just like the original, the timepiece has a black tachymetric scale and a red central chronograph hand that doesn’t have Zenith’s signature star-shaped counterbalance. The subdial for small seconds is found at 9 o’clock, while the 30-minute and 12-hour counters are found at 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock, respectively. The chronograph functions are triggered by the same kind of pump pushers found on the first A384, and the date aperture is still found nestled between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers.

The only aspects of the 2019 model that are unlike the original is the sapphire crystal protecting the dial and used in the caseback, and the Super-LumiNova® that coats the hands and hour markers.

The Zenith A384 Revival is available with a rubber-lined leather strap, or a stainless steel ladder bracelet.

Omega Seamaster

The Twenty Year Bond

Omega Seamaster

Over the years, James Bond has been constantly reinvented to adapt to changing political zeitgeists, technological advancements, and fashion trends, making it possible for him to be a household name that has transcended generations.

He was initially only found as a character within the pages of Ian Fleming’s books, but since then, there have been multiple on screen adaptations, beginning with the 1954 special for the CBS show Climax! Mystery Theatre.

It was a low budget, hour-long rendition of Casino Royale, starring American actor Barry Nelson. In the episode, Nelson was immaculately dressed and sported perfectly coiffed hair, but his similarities with all the other Bonds ends there.

The mediocrity and cheesiness of this episode made it entirely eclipsed by Dr. No, the 1962 flick given credit for launching James Bond into the status of pop and style icon, and introducing the audience to the villains, well-cut suits  and beautiful women that the Bond franchise is associated with today.


A change in time

While many things have remained consistent throughout the years of 007’s existence, there have been several noticeable changes; from driving a Sunbeam Alpine, wearing Rolex Submariners, and asking for martinis, “Shaken, not stirred.”, the spy is now more known for getting around in Aston Martins and chugging Heineken, all the while donning Omegas on his wrist.

This particular connection with Omega is arguably the longest relationship James Bond has ever had with anything or anyone (agent M excluded), but, as James Bond aficionados will tell you, this is not in adherence to Fleming’s horological preferences.

The author had initially described the spy to own a Rolex Oyster Perpetual with an expandable steel bracelet, but the costume designer for Goldeneye, Lindy Hemming, wanted something better suited for “a naval man, a diver and a discreet gentleman of the world”.

Because of how most of the naval men she knew swore by Omega, and considering the company’s history with the British military – specifically their involvement with the Royal Navy Divers of the 1960s – it only made sense to make Omega 007’s watch brand of choice.

So in the 1995 release of the movie, James Bond appeared with a new watch (an Omega Seamaster) and a new face (Pierce Brosnan).

Like all those that had preceded them, every timepiece during the Brosnan era had been modified to become espionage friendly; new functions included laser beams, grappling hooks, and remote detonators, and they all, of course, eventually played unwitting roles in the successful accomplishment of his missions.

But all this changed once Daniel Craig began to introduce himself as James Bond.

Wanting to portray a 007 less reliant on highfaluting gadgetry but still as impeccably dressed as ever, Craig’s rendition of the character had Bond fighting his battles with more orthodox weapons, but still maintaining Omegas as part of his uniform.


Time to celebrate 

In 2002, Omega decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of James Bond on the silver screen. Simultaneous with the release of Die Another Day, they launched a limited edition commemorative timepiece.

Needles to say, the timepiece was a was a huge hit, so releasing limited edition 007 watches soon became a tradition.

These commemorative timepieces have conspicuously featured the “007” gun logo and other iconic images from the franchise; but the ones that have been launched simultaneously with the movies not only had these, but also the movie name and, usually, the same functions as the spy’s watch.

But to mark the release of the 24th James Bond film SPECTRE, Omega has decided to do things a little differently by not only releasing a limited edition variation, but also the exact model worn by James Bond.


James Bond Watches

 Though the exact replicas of 007’s watches haven’t always been available to the public, his wrist accessories have always been fawned over throughout his entire career with the agency. Here’s a closer look at the ones that have been identified with him, along with their modifications and some of the commemorative timepieces Omega has released alongside them.


Dr. No (1962)

Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538

Note: While most sources agree that the Rolex timepiece used by Sean Connery in the different Bond films is the Submariner ref. 6538, some contest that and say that he used the 6200, 6538A, or 5510


From Russia with Love (1963)

Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538


Goldfinger (1964)

Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538


Thunderball (1965)

Rolex Submariner Oyster Perpetual Ref. 6538


Breitling Top Time Ref. 2002, case no. 984343

Added gadget: Waterproof geiger counter

Note: this timepiece was specially modified by the prop department and is different from the standard Breitling Top Time


Casino Royale (1967)

Rolex GMT Master


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Rolex Pre-Daytona Chronograph Ref. 6238

Added Gadget: Compass

The seconds hand was painted bright red because it was supposed to function like a  compass needle, and the watch was supposed to be a compass.

Rolex Submariner Oyster Perpetual Ref. 5513


Live and Let Die (1973)

Hamilton Pulsar ‘P2 2900’


Rolex Submariner Oyster Perpetual Ref. 5513, case no. 2’683’776

Added spy gadgets: electromagnet bullet deflector, circular saw


The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Rolex Submariner Oyster Perpetual Ref. 5513


The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Seiko LC Quartz digital wristwatch DK001, 0674-5009

Added spy gadgets: pager; built-in telex, prints out messages like a miniature teletype


Moonraker (1979)

Seiko M354 Quartz Liquid Crystal Memory-Bank Calendar

Added spy gadgets: reel of explosives that are connected by a small length of wire to the watch, which acts as the detonator


For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Seiko Alarm-Chronograph Duo-Time H357-5040

Added spy gadgets: Digital message read-outs and a two-way radio/transmitter


Seiko Professional Diver’s 600m Ref. S60583


Octopussy (1983)

Seiko Sports 100 pseudo-analogue G757

Added spy gadgets: Radio direction finder that worked with a homing device planted in a fake Faberge egg


Liquid Crystal TV Seiko t001-5019

Added spy gadgets: Video feed receiver


A View to Kill (1985)

Seiko Diver’s 150m Ref. SPW001


Seiko Quartz Chronograph wristwatch SPR007


Seiko Quartz two-tone wristwatch


The Living Daylights (1987)

Tag Heuer Professional Night-Dive PVD 980.031


Tag Heuer Professional 200 Meters 980.013


License to Kill (1989)

Rolex Submariner Oyster Perpetual Ref. 16610


Goldeneye (1995)

Omega Seamaster 300M Quartz Professional

  • Blue dial
  • Blue bezel
  • Stainless steel bracelet
  • Date function
  • Caliber: Omega 1538 Quartz precision movement. Battery end of life indicator
  • Power reserve: 27/36 months
  • Domed anti-reflective, scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Water resistant up to 30 bar

Added spy gadgets: remote detonator, laser beam


Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Omega Seamaster 300M Chronometer 2531.80.00

  • 41mm stainless steel case
  • Stainless steel bracelet with deployant security clasp
  • 12-sided unidirectional blue bezel with engraved graduated scale
  • Blue dial with wave motif
  • Helium release valve at 10 o’clock
  • Screw-in crown
  • Water resistant to 30 bar
  • Caliber: Omega 1120
  • Self-winding chronometer with rhodium-plated finish
  • 44 hour power reserve

Added spy gadgets: Integrated detonators activated by turning the watch dial


The World is not Enough (1999)

Omega Seamaster 300M Chronometer 2531.80.00

Added spy gadgets: Grappling hook, high-intensity lighted bezel


Die Another Day (2002)

Omega Seamaster 300M Chronometer 2537.80.00

Added spy gadgets: remote detonator (replacing the helium valve, activated by turning the bezel), laser activated by the crown.


Commemorative Timepiece:

Omega Seamaster 300M Chronometer 2537.80.00

  • “007” gun logo on dial, inscribed beneath “Seamaster Professional Chronograph
  • “40 Years of James Bond – Limited Series” and series number inscribed on caseback
  • Unique bracelet design
  • Special packaging
  • 10,007 pieces


Casino Royale (2006)

Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial 41mm 2220.80.00

  • 41mm steel case
  • Chronometer
  • Date
  • Blue dial
  • Blue unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Screw-in crown
  • Helium escape valve
  • Water resistant up to 30 bar
  • Caliber: Omega 2500
  • Self-winding chronometer with rhodium plated finish
  • Co-Axial Escapement
  • 48 hour power reserve


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Size

  • 45.5mm steel case
  • Rubber strap
  • Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Black dial
  • Caliber: Omega 2500
  • Self-winding chronometer
  • Co-Axial Escapement movement with rhodium-plated finish
  • 48 hour power reserve


Commemorative timepiece:

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Casino Royal Limited Edition

  • 007 logo on the seconds hand
  • 5mm steel case
  • Black rubber strap
  • “007” gun logo in orange on the central second hand
  • Title of the film on the dial
  • Caseback embossed with Casino Royale logo
  • 5,007 pieces


Quantum of Solace (2008)

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

  • 42mm stainless steel case
  • Steel bracelet
  • Matte black dial
  • Water resistant up to 60 bar
  • Caliber: Omega 2500
  • Self-winding chronometer
  • Co-Axial Escapement
  • Rhodium plated finish
  • 48 hour power reserve


Commemorative timepiece:

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Bond 007 Collecter’s Piece

  • Two size options: 41mm or 36.25mm
  • Black dial with 007 logo motif
  • Red 50 on bezel (an idea by Bond co-producer Barbara Broccoli)
  • 007 gun-barrel design encircling a “bullet” on the back of the watch.
  • Co-Axial caliber 2507
  • 11,007 pieces for the 41mm
  • 3,007 pieces for the 36.25mm


Skyfall (2012)

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ref.

  • 38.5mm steel case
  • Blue dial decorated with Teak Concept pattern
  • Transparent caseback
  • Water resistant up to 15 bar
  • Caliber: Omega 8500
  • Self-winding movement with Co-Axial Escapement
  • Free sprung balance
  • 2 barrels mounted in series; automatic winding in both directions to reduce winding time
  • Bridges and oscillating mass decorated with exclusive Geneva waves in arabesque
  • 60-hour power reserve


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, Ref.

  • 42mm steel case
  • Black dial
  • Water resistant up to 60 bar
  • Caliber: Omega 8500


Commemorative Timepiece:

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M “Skyfall” Limited Edition

  • 42mm stainless steel case
  • Screw and pin bracelet with diver’s clasp engraved with “007” logo
  • Matte structured black dial
  • “007” logo as 7 o’clock index
  • “SKYFALL 007” engraved and black varnished on the rotor
  • 5,007 pieces
  • Special presentation box


SPECTRE (2015)

Seamaster 300 Omega Master Co-Axial 41mm

  • 41mm stainless steel case
  • “007” gun logo engraved on bracelet strap holder
  • “SPECTRE” film title on caseback
  • Ceramic bi-directional bezel with LiquidMetal® 12 hour scale
  • 5-stripe black and grey NATO strap
  • “Lollipop” central seconds hand
  • Broad arrow hour hand
  • Rhodium plated hands with vintage (blue emission) coating of Super-Luminova
  • Recessed triangular hour markers
  • Caliber: Omega 8400
  • Resistance to magnetic fields up to 15000 gauss
  • Bridges and oscillating weight decorated with Geneva waves in arabesque
  • 7,007 pieces available


Commemorative timepiece

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra James Bond Limited Edition

  • 5 mm stainless steel case
  • Stainless steel or blue coated nylon fabric strap
  • Caseback engraved with “ANTI-MAGNETIC>15’007 GAUSS”, LIMITED EDITION
  • Lacquered blue dial with Bond family coat of arms
  • Yellow transferred “>15’007 Gauss” with the “007” gun logo
  • special presentation box with strap changer tool
  • 15,007 pieces available


Omega Seamaster AquaTerra James Bond watch
Omega Seamaster AquaTerra James Bond caseback

This 2019, Omega celebrates the 50th anniversary of Her Majesty’s Secret Service with special edition of the Seamaster Diver 300M which you can read about here.

Patek journey with Lucerne

Lucerne, the premier purveyor of Swiss luxury timepieces in the Philippines, was established by Yao E Chiu in 1982 in Ali Mall, Cubao. It began as a small watch shop, but has since expanded to several stores, including two stand-alone boutiques of Patek Philippe.

Emerson Yao, one of Yao E Chiu’s sons who took over the business in 1988, says that the turning point for the company was when he and his brother, Ivan Yao, decided to open a boutique in Makati in the early 1990s.

They had decided that to differentiate themselves from other local watch retailers, they would focus on Swiss luxury timepieces that were yet to become available to the Philippine market. Their expansion to Makati was a strategic move, because back then, it was the only place in the country where luxury goods could be found.

One of the brands the brothers knew they had to bring in to be taken seriously in this segment of the market was Patek Philippe.   And in 1998, they introduced the manufacture to the Philippines.

After a decade, Lucerne and Patek Philippe opened the watch manufacture’s first stand-alone boutique in the country. Located in Makati’s Greenbelt 5, it was among the manufacture’s first independent boutiques throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

A front shot of the Patek Philippe boutique in Greenbelt 5, Makati.

A waiting area where clients may sit and discuss with the staff.
Patek Philippe’s first stand-alone boutique in the Philippines.



Lucerne managing directors Emerson and Ivan Yao with Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern and honorary president Philippe Stern.
(Left to right) Lucerne managing director Emerson Yao, Patek Philippe honorary president Philippe Stern, Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern, and Lucerne managing editor Ivan Yao at the 175th anniversary celebration of the manufacture in Singapore (2014). 

A few years after the launch of its first boutique, Patek Philippe opened its second one in Shangri-La Plaza, which was a testament to its growing following in the country. 

Emerson and Ivan Yao with Patek SEA General Deepa Chatrath and Swiss Ambassador Andrea Reichlin.
(Left to right) Lucerne managing director Emerson Yao, Patek Philippe Southeast Asia General Manager Deepa Chatrath, Swiss Ambassador Andrea Reichlin and Lucerne managing director Ivan Yao at the Patek Philippe boutique opening in Shangri-La Plaza in 2016.

By 2017, women had become a notable part of the Manufacture’s local clientele. Together with Lucerne, they hosted an intimate event called the Mechanical Art for Ladies.

Patek Philippe Southeast Asia General Manager Deepa Chatrath delivered a presentation to attendees, discussing Patek Philippe’s longstanding history of catering to the tastes of discerning women. She also emphasized how they had always made sure their women’s timepieces were crafted independently from that of the men’s, as opposed to the more common practice of simply shrinking the dimensions of men’s watches.

During the exclusive ladies event, bags of designer Bea Valdes, who made a name for herself by incorporating traditional Filipino craftmanship into her work, were also on display. It was a fitting venue to display the work because similar to how Patek Philippe strives to keep Genevan decorative skills alive in their workshops, she aims to preserve Filipino artisanal skills.

Those at the event had the opportunity to take a closer look at the creations of Ms. Valdes, as well as the extensive women’s collections of Patek Philippe.

Ivan Yao with Deepa Chatrath, Filipina bag designer Bea Valdes and Patek Philippe regional sales manager David Chan.
(Left to right) Lucerne managing director Ivan Yao, Patek Philippe Southeast Asia General Manager Deepa Chatrath, Filipina designer Bea Valdes and Patek Philippe regional sales manager David Chan at the Mechanical Art For Ladies event held at Shangri-La At The Fort.

In 2018, Patek and Lucerne delighted watch enthusiasts yet again with the launch of a knowledge series about the perpetual calendar. The Manufacture’s full collection of timepieces featuring the grand complication, including models that were yet to be released, were put on display, while an expert watchmaker gave participants a chance to examine a perpetual calendar’s inner workings.

Ms. Chatrath presented the grand complication’s technical aspects; the various ways in which it can be displayed on a dial; and the Maison’s history of producing movements with perpetual calendars and the meticulously decorated cases that have housed them. 


Patek Philippe perpetual calendar timepieces.
A few of the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar timepieces on display at the knowledge series event.


A man observing the parts of a Patek Philippe complication.
A participant of Patek Philippe’s perpetual calendar workshop examines the components used in the complication.

Now in their 21st year of partnership, Lucerne looks forward to helping sustain and increase Patek Philippe’s local following. Among the plans the two have for the near future is relocating the boutique in Greenbelt to occupy a larger space.

Patek Philippe and Lucerne continue to pride themselves in being family-run businesses with haute horology at the center of what they do. And in the years to come Philippine watch enthusiasts can rest assured that the partners will remain uncompromising when it comes to delivering only the finest of timepieces. Whether it be in this generation, or the next.

Before telescopes, probes, and all kinds of space technology existed, man had only his eyes to observe and make sense of the world around him. It was this unquenchable sense of wonder that served as fuel for individuals to reach great heights in the field of space and science. We’re honoring that extraordinary drive with watches that have been deeply inspired by all things outer space.


Patek Celestial Moon Age

Patek Philippe Celestial Moon Age 6102P 

Leave it to Patek Philippe to create a dreamlike masterpiece with an out of this world display of mathematics. The Celestial Moon Age 6102P’s deep blue dial is made up of several rotating sapphire crystal discs that chart the celestial bodies and the moon’s phases. And as the dial slowly rotates, the stars simultaneously change as well. If set correctly, the cardinal points can help locate a portion of the sky that’s visible from Geneva. Two skeletonized feuille hands indicate the hours and minutes of solar time which is the timekeeping system that everybody else in the world uses, and a red crescent tipped white hand points to the date on the inner bezel.


A. Lange and Söhne Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar Terraluna


Through the caseback of the watch you’ll catch a glimpse of its inner workings and three important discs: the earth, the sky, and the moon. The discs are designed to show you the moon (which also has a moon phase indicator) and sky from the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere, with the balance wheel acting as the sun. When the earth does a full rotation once every 24 hours, it’s easy to find the time of any location on the globe. How? With the 24-hour ring that surrounds the plate. All you have to do is make a straight line from the North Pole to any country, and from there you can already figure out the time in that location.


Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Celeste

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Céleste

The revamped Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tradition model lets you live your life according to the stars. The latest Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece uses a time frame of 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds—using the distant stars, rather than the sun, as a reference point in timekeeping. The celestial dial displays the Northern hemisphere, and on its outer ring are constellations of each zodiac, along with the corresponding symbols associated with the signs. To know which point in time you are currently standing in, all you have to do is look at the small triangular gold marker. Adding the finishing touches to the timepiece are the rose gold tourbillon and the glow from its luminescent hour markers and constellations.


Rolex Pepsi Meteorite Dial

Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Meteorite Dial

While the GMT-Master II Ref. 126719BLRO still has the signature GMT-Master II  40mm case, blue and red “Pepsi” cerachrom bezel, and COSC-certified automatic calibre 3285 movement, this model is delivered with a white gold oyster bracelet and stunning, one-of-a-kind meteorite dial. If you look closely through the cyclops magnifier, you can even see bits of the meteorite’s grain.



IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser Siderale ScafusiaIWC Schaffhausen Portugieser Siderale Scafusia

IWC Portugieser Sidérale Scafusia

On the front, nothing seems out of the ordinary. You see a typical IWC Portugieser with an added constant-force tourbillon, a power reserve and sidereal time indicator. The sidereal time, also called “star time”, is a system commonly used by astronomers to locate the same stars in the same position every night. When turned over to its caseback, the stellar magic begins. Immediately grabbing hold of your attention is a rotating astrological map that can be customized according to which part of the sky you’d like to have framed. The yellow circle you see is called the horizon and within it are the stars visible during the day or night. The back features yet another sidereal time indicator, found on a white outer ring with a red triangular marker and a dot on top. Within it is a black inner ring which turns out to be a solar time indicator. On top of the chart is a perpetual calendar that begins counting the days from 1 to 366, and located right next to it is a leap year indicator.


Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional family

Accompanying Buzz Aldrin to the historic moon landing in July 1969 was his trusty Omega Speedmaster. It was because of this key event that the timepiece was given the title “Moonwatch.” But even prior to the lunar landing, the Speedmaster Moonwatch had gone through countless journeys and expeditions with astronauts on six Apollo missions. In 1964, NASA was on the hunt for a chronograph that could be used for future space missions. Omega and three other contenders took a chance and sent each of their top performing watches to go through, and hopefully pass, NASA’s rigorous tests. Some of these tests involved environmental shifts, drastic changes in temperature and pressure, and vibration frequencies. Due to its robustness and precision, it was a no-brainer for NASA to have the Moonwatch be part of the official equipment for all piloted space missions. Up to this day, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the only watch certified by the federal space agency for astronauts to use on an extravehicular activity.


Girard-Perregaux Cosmos

Girard-Perregaux Cosmos 

The Cosmos was the grand highlight of Girard-Perregaux’s “Earth to Sky” collection back in SIHH 2019, and it does an exceptional job at showing the art and beauty in science. This timepiece brings a tourbillon, a sky chart, and world complications all onto one three-dimensional dial. Displayed at your 3 o’clock is a titanium globe with raised continents which has a second time zone indicated by the 24-hour scale found near the equator. Opposite to it is a deep blue globe with a luminescent, laser-engraved sky chart that does a full rotation equivalent to one sidereal day and displays zodiac constellations that’s customizable on request. The local time is displayed on the top of the dial, and the tourbillon with a black PVD treated titanium bridge is located at the bottom of the dial. The case housing this was carved from bead blasted titanium, and is protected by a curved sapphire crystal that acts like a telescope.

Watches for a Cause

IWC Schaffhausen Big Pilot’s Watch Single Piece Ref. IW500923

Sometimes, the luxury watch industry isn’t all the glamour and pizzazz as it appears to be. When manufacturers aren’t busy brainstorming on and creating the next best watch, they find the time to give to a cause that’s much bigger than themselves. There are, after all, real people behind these big watch houses. While making donations in the form of cash is the most common gesture, a lot of watch houses opt to take the route that they know best: creating unique or limited pieces and auctioning them offsatisfying collectors, philanthropists, and of course, beneficiaries alike. Here are a few watches for a cause from just this year.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Chronograph luxury watches for a cause

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Chronograph Ref. 26338PT.OO.1220PT.01

If you’re a big fan of Cirque du Soleil, then you’re sure to have heard of the “One Night for One Drop” event that happens every year, where they do a special performance for one night only in Las Vegas. Every cent spent goes to the One Drop Foundation that helps communities in grave need to have sustainable access to safe water. 

Audemars Piguet put this self-winding chronograph up for auction at the very same event, and just like the Cirque du Soleil performance, all its proceeds go straight to the foundation. Even alongside some other items like sought-after cars and special trips to dream destinations, this one-of-a-kind watch managed to stand out all the same, with its blue subdials against the purple Grande Tapisserie dial, visible through the solid sapphire crystal. It’s all encased in a platinum case, accompanied by either a platinum bracelet or a leather bracelet in the same shade of the subdials.


IWC Schaffhausen Big Pilot’s Watch Single Piece Ref. IW500923 luxury watches for a cause IWC Schaffhausen Big Pilot’s Watch Single Piece Ref. IW500923

IWC Schaffhausen Big Pilot’s Watch Single Piece Ref. IW500923

If you pay attention to Hollywood news, you might remember that earlier this year, actor and IWC ambassador Bradley Cooper wore the unique Big Pilot’s Watch Single Piece to the opulent Academy Awards ceremony—and it’s not just for show!

The very same watch was auctioned off and its proceeds were donated to the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. It goes to helping the Arrimage association in France whose mission is to help visually impaired children how to “read” or “see” drawings through touch, as well as create drawings themselves. It’s no coincidence that the first ever tactile art book is “The Little Prince” and that this watch’s 18-carat gold caseback has a quote from the book engraved on it, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” It wasn’t hard at all to find an owner for this watch, what with it not only being connected to a famous watch house, but also a famous book and, of course, a famous actor.

Ferdinand Berthoud Chromomètre FB 1 - Night Star luxury watches for a cause

Ferdinand Berthoud Chromomètre FB 1 – Night Star

Only Watch is an event that’s held every two years, auctioning off unique watch models from several different watch brands whose 99% of profits go to the research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the more severe version of muscular dystrophy that cuts an individual’s life off as soon as their late teenage years.

Ferdinand Berthoud is one of those luxury watch brands that contributes to the cause, with the Night Star. Its case is not only titanium—it’s sandblasted anthracite-ceramised titanium. A mouthful, right? It means that this isn’t any regular titanium; it’s four times stronger than titanium. And with how anthracite is the densest form of coal, it’s also how the titanium got its nice shade of gray that matches nicely with the frosted black dial. The hands and numerals are stand out against the dark colors like stars in the night sky thanks to its Super-LumiNova coating, making the name of the watch quite apt.


Breguet Type 20 luxury watches for a cause

Breguet Type 20

Breguet brings back one of their beloved classics, the military-issued pilot’s watch “Type 20,” for the Only Watch event. If you know what the original Type 20 from the 50s looked like, then you’re sure to see the likeness. From the luminescent Arabic numerals and hands to the big onion crown right down to the historic Valjoux 235 movement, the watch house has honored the old flyback chronograph well, with a few aesthetic updates here and there. Like everything else in this list, there’s only one piece made available—to the dismay of watch enthusiasts everywhere—with even an engraving on the back that says, “Pièce Unique.”


Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 luxury watches for a cause Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010

For this year’s Only Watch event, Patek Philippe rendered their most complicated watch, the Grandmaster Chime, in stainless steel. Besides the unusual case material, the hand guilloched hobnail pattern on the rose gold dial as well as the text “THE ONLY ONE” on the second time zone subdial make this piece tastefully unique.

Apart from getting this absolute beast of a watch, which is already enough motivation for a lot of Patek Philippe fans, the owner and his chosen guest will also get to visit the Patek Philippe workshops and museums, as well as have lunch with the president of the watch house, Thierry Stern. We’re sure we’re not exaggerating when we say this will be one of the most sought after pieces in the auction house.


Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Sapphire Orlinski luxury watches for a cause   Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Sapphire Orlinski statue

Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Sapphire Orlinski

Hublot is no stranger to charity donations, and it’s certainly not the first collaboration with artist Richard Orlinski either. So it’s no surprise that they joined forces to create a unique timepiece for Only Watch.

In the transparent sapphire case that incorporated the signature design of the artist sits the movement, the tourbillon cage, and the power reserve. The bezel is made of white gold, and is set with 54 baguette-cut, light blue topazes. The smooth, rubber strap is in the same shade, keeping in theme with the Only Watch color scheme. It’s also the same color of the Wild Kong sculpture, also made by Orlinski, that holds the sapphire watch box wherein the luxury watch itself is displayed. And if the timepiece and sculpture weren’t enough, the owner of the piece also gets to meet the artist himself at his gallery in Paris.

Diving Into An Adventure

omega luxury watch
Omega Seamaster Professional Ploprof 1200M Ref.

The adventurous are no strangers to the unpredictability of Mother Nature; being prepared is imperative. One of the many facets of preparedness comes in the form of having reliable equipment. To a number of veteran divers, the diving watch lands among the most important pieces.

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International Women’s Month might have already ended, but that doesn’t mean we stop thinking about women’s luxury watches. Here’s a list of watches we think women absolutely need in their collection to elevate their style, because jewelry needn’t be their only accessories.

A. Lange & Söhne Little Lange 1 Moon Phase Ref. 182.030 luxury watches

The Work Watch
A. Lange & Söhne Little Lange 1 Moon Phase Ref. 182.030

When you’re working those long hours, six days a week, it can be a little too easy to forget what day of the month it is. A. Lange & Söhne has their patented outsize date on almost all of their timepieces, making it easy to keep track of your meetings and deadlines with a glance.

Longines Hydroconquest Ref. L3.781.4.96.6 luxury watches

The Beach Watch
Longines Hydroconquest Ref. L3.781.4.96.6

Everyone needs their dose of Vitamin Sea once in a while. What better to go with your beach outfit than a practical but beautiful dive watch? We adore Longines’ Hydroconquest line, which was elegantly designed to withstand the salty waves in style.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Chronograph Ref. 26231ST.ZZ.D010CA.01 luxury watches

The Sporty Watch
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Chronograph Ref. 26231ST.ZZ.D010CA.01

Whether your daily exercise is jogging on the treadmill or stretching on your yoga mat, it’s important that you have a watch that can keep up with you. This Royal Oak Offshore model, with its trusty chronograph and comfortable rubber strap, can do just that.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony Dual Time Ref. 7800S/000R-B140 luxury watches

The Travel Watch
Vacheron Constantin Harmony Dual Time Ref. 7800S/000R-B140

Sometimes we just want to pack up our bags and travel to our dream destination. But when wanderlust strikes, you still have to keep track of things in your home or workplace. Dual time watches, such as the Harmony Dual Time, can make it happen, even when you’re the other side of the world.

Omega De Ville Ladymatic Ref. 425. luxury watches

The Everyday Watch
Omega De Ville Ladymatic Ref. 425.

When you’re too busy to even think about which watch to match with your daily getup, you’ll need a reliable timepiece that can go with almost anything. We think stainless steel and a monochromatic dial is the way to go for this kind of dilemma, and this watch can fill in that role, no problem.

IWC Schaffhausen Portofino Automatic 37 Ref. IW458101 luxury watches

The Weekend Watch
IWC Schaffhausen Portofino Automatic 37 Ref. IW458101

Going to a family reunion, or a Sunday morning brunch with your friends? You’ll need something that will match your casual tan leather bag. This Portofino has a light brown alligator strap, its tone matching the details on the face of the watch, tying your relaxed and informal outfit together nicely.

Rolex Lady-Datejust Ref. 279174

A Rolex
Rolex Lady-Datejust Ref. 279174

Like we said in our original article for men, every collection demands a Rolex, even those of women’s. With its iconic design and sheer popularity, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know the brand. Their Lady-Datejust collection was made exclusively for women—here’s the piece from that collection that we love the most.

Breguet Reine de Naples Ref. 8939BB/6D/J49/DD6D women's luxury watches

The Dress Watch
Breguet Reine de Naples Ref. 8939BB/6D/J49/DD6D

For those parties where everyone is somebody, you’ll want something that will go with your designer gown and pearl jewelry. We’re sure this timepiece from Breguet will turn heads on the red carpet. Get ready for the crowd to snap portraits of you with your wrist!

Hublot Gold White Pavé Ref. 361.PE.2010.RW.1704 women's luxury watches

The Gemset Watch
Hublot Gold White Pavé Ref. 361.PE.2010.RW.1704

Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Need we say more? Hublot has a long list of diamond-studded watches, which includes this stunning piece. It has a whopping 1517 diamonds set in the brand’s very own 18K King Gold.


Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 7118/1200A women's luxury watches

The Heirloom Watch
Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 7118/1200A

If your daughter doesn’t want your wedding gown or the family ring, you’ll have to pass something else down that will be just as valuable. For that purpose, there’s nothing better than the classic and timeless Nautilus. Made to last lifetimes, you might very well see this watch on your granddaughter’s wrist.

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