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Author: Gaby Ignacio

graduation watches 01

Watches have always been a means of celebrating significant milestones in a person’s life, and marking a graduation is no exception. After all, what better way is there to show someone who’s given their blood, sweat, and tears—sometimes literally—for that piece of paper that says they’ve accomplished academic excellence than a watch made with skill and craftsmanship?

Here, we’ve put together a list of classic, reliable, but reasonably priced pieces that can help your favorite graduate go from the classroom to the boardroom in style.

Ball Fireman Enterprise Black

graduation watches 02

With its substantial size, glossy black dial, stainless steel bracelet and case, date display, and automatic movement, this is a no-nonsense piece perfect for any young alumnus who wants to toe the line between sporty and chic.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic

graduation watches 03

With its alligator strap, clean dial, and 40 mm case, this watch has all the markers of a classic timepiece—including a power reserve of 120 hours, date function, and COSC-certified automatic movement.

Bremont Supermarine S301

graduation watches 04

Thinking of what to get an Anglophile alumnus? The Bremont Supermarine was inspired by one of Britain’s most iconic planes, making it not just a beautiful timepiece, with its automatic chronometer movement, brown vintage strap and stainless steel case, but also a fantastic conversation starter.

Edox Les Vauberts

graduation watches 05

Subtly commemorate the year of their graduation with a timepiece that features the biggest contemporary watch trend, the blue dial. This watch’s automatic movement, stainless steel case, date function, and 5 ATM water resistance also make it a strong contender and a great addition to any watch wardrobe.

Hanhart Pioneer One

graduation watches 06

This German timepiece is perfect for the graduate who loves details: from its iconic fluted bezel to its stainless steel bracelet—or calfskin strap; it depends on their aesthetic preferences—this automatic watch melds both vintage and modern aesthetics to create a truly classic watch.

Louis Erard Héritage

graduation watches 07

This automatic timepiece has a lot going for it, from its elegantly embellished dial to its day-date function, making it a great bet for the graduate who refuses to compromise neither style nor substance.

Longines Conquest Classic

graduation watches 06

Think of elegance and you’ll likely think of Longines. We can’t disagree, and the Conquest Classic, with its self-winding movement, monochromatic design and timeless elements is the perfect embodiment of the brand’s credo that elegance is an attitude.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic

graduation watches 08

Reminiscent of classic sports watches from the 1980s and 1990s, the Aikon is a statement-making watch ideal for a mover and shaker in the making. A substantial piece at 42mm, it houses an automatic movement and features a date function, a beautiful Clous de Paris dial, and water resistance to 200 meters.

In an industry where a company with only several decades under its belt is considered a fledgling brand, watch manufacturer D1 Milano is barely in its infancy. That, however, hasn’t stopped the Italian company from becoming, thanks to all things modern and tech-driven, one of the fastest growing watch brands in the world.

First conceptualized by 26-year-old entrepreneur Dario Spallone as a project at the Bocconi University’s Business Incubator in Milan—a city whose spirit is clearly a driving force in the brand’s development—D1 has in less than a decade grown into a thriving brand with a presence in 28 countries, helping redefine how younger consumers perceive watchmaking, fashion timepieces, and contemporary style. Today, it has offices in Milan, Dubai, and Hong Kong, and is available at over 500 points of sale worldwide.

Inspired by the strong, distinct aesthetics of Italian fashion from the 1970s, D1 Milano’s pieces are made from premium materials and finishes: from polycarbon and silicone to leather and stainless steel, pieces for both men and women are available in various styles at various, affordable price points.

“It’s not a brand that draws its inspiration from my view or from any one individual view in particular, but it takes its inspiration from the synergy of all the team members involved,” says Spallone.  “Someone who would wear D1 Milano is cool, who plays by the rules but has some unique detail that they like to look at that makes them stand out. We say people who wear our watches wear their attitudes. This is a watch that gives you social recognition even if it doesn’t cost $10,000,” he adds. “It’s not about the price. This is a watch that you can wear every day and don’t feel, but at the same time it makes you proud because it differentiates you. It shows that you care about details, about trends, about style.”

Four distinct watch families from D1 Milano made their Philippine debut this year: the Polycarbon collection, the brand’s super light, sporty watches; the Super Slim collection, with interchangeable straps and bracelets; the Ultra Thin collection, an elegant, unisex selection; and the P701 collection, whose models feature automatic movements and skeleton dial versions.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the brand:

  • PCBJ01
  • SSLL01
  • SSML02
  • ATRJ02
  • SKRJ02
  • SKBJ03
  • UTBL01
  • UTB03
  • PCBJ01

    Quartz movement, 40.5mm polycarbon case, water resistant to 5 ATM

  • SSLL01

    Quartz movement, 36 mm silver stainless steel case, fitted with a black Italian genuine leather strap, water resistant to 5 ATM

  • SSML02

    Quartz movement, 36 mm rose gold stainless steel case, fitted with a rose gold stainless steel Milanese bracelet, water resistant to 5 ATM

  • ATRJ02

    Automatic movement with date function, 41.5 mm stainless steel case, gun metal stainless steel with a natural rubber strap, water resistant to 5 ATM

  • SKRJ02

    Skeleton movement, 41.5 mm stainless steel case, gun metal stainless steel with a natural rubber strap, water resistant to 5 ATM

  • SKBJ03

    Skeleton movement, 41.5 mm stainless steel case, rose gold stainless steel with steel bracelet, water resistant to 5 ATM

  • UTBL01

    Quartz movement, 38mm (diameter) by 6mm (thickness) stainless steel case and bracelet, water resistant to 5 ATM

  • UTB03

    Quartz movement, 40 mm (diameter) by 6mm (thickness) rose gold finished stainless steel case and bracelet, water resistant to 5 ATM

Discover more D1 Milano pieces when you  visit Swissgear Greenbelt 1, Wristpod Uptown Mall, Robinsons Ermita, SM Megamall, Swissgear SM North, Shangri-La Mall, and SM North EDSA.


styling formal watches 01

It could be said that there are two schools of thought regarding personal style, each with their own salient points. First, there’s the belief that fashion and style must adhere to certain rules and standards—that how you style yourself must always be “flattering”—depending on your particular physical attributes, career, age, the situation you find yourself in, and other criteria. Then, there’s the second way of approaching dressing, which states that a person can and should wear whatever they want as a means of self-expression, no matter how flattering (or unflattering) a look it might be.

The watch world itself is no stranger to these warring beliefs, with rules dictating what you can and can’t wear. Interestingly, one such rule—namely the wearing of formal, bejewelled timepieces—remains a constant point of debate, equally steeped in tradition and rebellion. A watch decked out in precious stones and luxurious metals finds its place in both the formal ballroom and the urban-inspired hip-hop video—but rarely in between.

While we appreciate the structure provided centuries-old rules, as well as love the freedom afforded by breaking all of them, we think there’s a lot to be gained by being somewhere in the middle. You will, in a sense, be getting the best of both worlds, and maximizing your (watch) wardrobe.

Here, a few tips for how you can save your fine pieces of horology from languishing in your collection by integrating them into your everyday life.

#1: Consider the Silhouette

styling formal watches 02

Is your style more about voluminous materials, embellishments, and details? Or does your sense of aesthetics lean more toward the minimal, the subdued, and the tailored? The bejewelled piece you consider, then, ideally adheres in some way to your wardrobe’s underlying themes. A structured, embellished sports piece—an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, for example— would pair very nicely with a more casual, minimalist outfit like jeans and a tee, while a feminine piece like the Breguet Secret De La Reine would make more sense with a crisp white button down and a voluminous tea-length skirt.

#2: Think About the Materials

styling formal watches 03

Always consider how your statement timepiece will play off your ensemble’s textures, colors, and (if applicable), prints: pavé and nacre might not lend themselves to a multitude of prints, and in the same way, rainbow gems would pop when worn against more subdued neutrals. Worn casually, however, this is the time to play with and mix your metals, so feel free to throw on some yellow gold jewels to contrast against a steel- and pink gold piece.

#3: Play With Scale

styling formal watches 04

While we’re all for “go big or go home,” we applaud a mastery of juxtaposing big, statement pieces with a simpler foundation, and in the reverse, intricate, delicate pieces piled on alongside oversize clothing. It’s always more visually interesting not to overwhelm the eye.

#4: Go With What’s Comfortable

styling formal watches 05

Truthfully, it boils down to a cliché: wear what makes you comfortable. Wear what makes you feel most confident, and wear what’s most beautiful to you. Who cares if you throw on a bejeweled Chopard Imperiale with a pair of your oldest jeans, sneaks, and a slouchy sweater if that’s what makes you feel your best? That feeling, at the end of the day, is all that matters.

Ah, February. The season for roses, candies, and copious bottles of fine wine to celebrate romance. And while those traditional symbols of Valentine’s Day are wonderful in their own right, we also believe that the deepest, most lasting, most meaningful relationships should be commemorated with something as enduring as your love.

Here, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite pairings— so this season, you can wear your heart on your sleeve, and on your wrist.

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sihh 2019 trends 01
Photo courtesy of SIHH

Trends in the watch industry are an interesting phenomenon: definitely not adherent to fashion’s model of trends—changing from day to day in drastic leaps—but still very much reactive to a demanding market’s (regional or global) tastes, preferences, and sense of aesthetics, albeit with the consideration that, unlike clothes, watches are essentially machines meant to last a lifetime.

While traditionalism and classic design will always be in vogue in the world of horology, we couldn’t help but notice a few interesting trends and developments at this year’s edition of SIHH.

Colored Dials

sihh 2019 trends 02

Specifically, in blue, green, and black. The movement that prompted every manufacture to create timepieces in everything from aquamarine and cobalt to navy and turquoise is still going strong in 2019, with nearly every brand—with notable adherents like Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard-Perregaux, and Vacheron Constantin leading the pack—imbuing their timepieces with different iterations of the hue.

Green was a massive favorite with brands as well, specifically when paired with bronze cases and details which serve to highlight the tones of both the dial and the metal that surrounds it, as in IWC Schaffhausen’s reimagining of its iconic Pilot’s watches.

Have a penchant for the darker side of life? Also spotted were black watches of every persuasion, with many clearly designed to cater to the tastes of a younger market.

Skeleton Movements

sihh 2019 trends 03

Few details scream high horology like a skeleton movement, which puts a manufacture’s expertise front and center through a masterful blend of minimalism and frills.

This year, manufactures such as Roger Dubuis show off their respective design visions and ideals with signature pieces that pull the curtains back on the feat of engineering that is the mechanical timepiece, releasing pieces inspired by everything from hypercars to the cosmos.

Bejeweled Watches

sihh 2019 trends 04

Minimalism was definitely not a buzzword at this year’s edition of the Genevan watch fair. From monochromatic stunners paying tribute to specific stones to rainbow-inspired pieces, to diamond pavé on any and every surface imaginable, manufacturers explored gem-setting techniques and pushed the boundaries of their aesthetics when creating men’s and women’s watches alike.   

Rose Gold

sihh 2019 trends 05

No matter what the manufactures are calling it—rose gold, pink gold, or any one of the exclusive proprietary alloys in the same family—the metal was having a movement.

There was barely a yellow gold sighting in Geneva, with manufactures like A. Lange & Söhne and Ferdinand Berthoud spotlighting the warm, rosy complexity of this material to complement and elevate more neutral and traditional tones, textures, and finishes.

Innovative Materials

sihh 2019 trends 06

For manufactures, this was a year of experimentation with new techniques and materials, with iconic models reimagined in ways that brought together design and technology.

SIHH 2019 was abuzz with the unveiling of iconic models in proprietary materials like A. Lange & Sohne’s Honey Gold Langematik and Panerai’s many, many Submersibles in Carbotech and BMG-Tech. Taking familiar materials like ceramic, but giving them an added aesthetic twist, as in IWC’s sand-colored ceramic in its Top Gun-edition chronograph and Audemars Piguet’s brand new Offshore in a chocolatey take of the material, were also key highlights of the fair.

Ultra-Thin Watches

sihh 2019 trends 07

Much like the quest for accuracy, watchmakers have challenged themselves with turning already minuscule movements into thinner and thinner mechanisms. Many have achieved this ironically herculean task, showing off their achievements in Geneva, with many watches seemingly slimmer than the last. Best embodied in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Ultra-Thin models and Piaget’s Altiplano, and even Audemars Piguet’s extra thin Royal Oak, this year, thin is in.

ALS SIHH 2019 01 lange 1

This year, A. Lange & Söhne looks to its roots in exceptional mechanics and sleek, powerful German design for an exceptional collection that expresses the manufacture’s undeniable mastery of high horology.

Here are some of the highlights from SIHH 2019.

Zeitwerk Date

ALS SIHH 2019 02 zeitwerk date

Who’d have thought that it’s been 10 years since the inception of the groundbreaking Zeitwerk? Introduced in 2009, this easily-recognizable timepiece is reimagined this year with an additional function—a ring-shaped date display—that demanded the creation of a completely new movement. In line with the spirit of innovation and exceptional design, this watch takes an oft-overlooked complication and gives it a distinct edge, building on it in a way that only the manufacture can.

Langematik Perpetual Honeygold

ALS SIHH 2019 03 langematik perpetual HG

This year, the manufacture melds its exclusive metal alloy, Honeygold, and the self-winding Langematik Perpetual timepiece. First created in 2010, the warm-toned metal is a special mix of fine gold and other minerals specially heat-treated to make it harder than any other gold alloy. Imbued with the exceptional warmth and lustre of this metal, the Langematik Perpetual is taken to new heights even beyond its outsize date display, perpetual calendar function, and patented zero-reset mechanism.

Richard Lange Jumping Seconds

ALS SIHH 2019 04 RL jumping seconds

One look at the Richard Lange Jumping seconds is enough to understand that this timepiece is a mechanical force to be reckoned with, and the newly-released white gold and black variation on this contemporary classic is a dark, Bauhaus-inspired take on the model. Like its predecessor, the new release is all at once a tribute to Richard Lange’s contributions to the world of horology, an exhibition of the manufacture’s expertise in creating high-precision timepieces, and a modern reimagining of one of the brand’s most beautiful releases.

Lange 1 “25th Anniversary”       


Kicking off the manufacture’s 25th anniversary series is a watch that is the very definition of groundbreaking. First launched in 1994, the iconic model celebrates a quarter of a century of horological excellence, accuracy, precision, and design. The dominant blue and silver that runs throughout the design hark to this period’s key aesthetics, but interpreted in a uniquely A. Lange & Söhne way, while a white gold case houses the manufacture’s L121.1 manual movement. A commemorative “25” is engraved on the balance cock, viewable through the clear caseback, while the hinged cuvette is engraved with a depiction of the Lange’s historic headquarters, the names of its founders, and a relief of the words “25 Years Lange 1”. Only 250 of these beautiful pieces will be produced.

GP SIHH 2019 01 - cosmos1

For this year’s edition of Geneva’s biggest watch show, Swiss manufacture Girard-Perregaux explores the ideas of time and space with pieces inspired by a singular theme, namely, “Earth to Sky.”

Here are a few of our favorites from SIHH 2019.

Laureato Absolute Chronograph

GP SIHH 2019 02 laureato chronograph

The manufacture’s iconic sports watch since its inception in the 1970s, the Laureato’s angular, powerful presence is reimagined in three new variations: the Absolute, the WW.TC, and the Chronograph. Melding modern trends and classic design with an avant garde twist, all are powerful statements, but it’s the latter that we fell for. The 44mm, polished black titanium case houses an automatic GP03300-1058 chronograph movement, and its black and blue gradient dial echoes the iconic image of space. Water-resistant to 300 meters, and with an injection-molded strap, it’s a sporty piece perfect for the fearlessly fashion-forward gentleman.

Cat’s Eye Plum Blossom

GP SIHH 2019 03 cats eye plum blossom

Girard-Perregaux’s signature women’s collection, Cat’s Eye, also gets a cosmic makeover for 2019. The Cat’s Eye Plum Blossom adds a dash of whimsy to the line with the addition of a subtle, beautiful detail—the plum blossom—which oscillates to serve as a small seconds hand. The distinct elliptical case is adorned in three new finishes, namely mother-of-pearl, diamond pave, and aventurine. Aligning with the global trend for blue dials, it’s the aventurine that stays true to this year’s universal theme, reminiscent of a night sky shimmering with a million stars.

1966 – “Earth to Sky Edition”

>GP SIHH 2019 04 1966

Initially perceived as the subtlest piece—in our humble opinion—in this release, the 1966 –“Earth to Sky Edition” seems almost reserved in design next to the other models unveiled at SIHH. This contemporary classic, however, adheres strongly to the Girard-Perregaux ideals of watchmaking excellence. It’s all in the details for this limited edition piece: a black DLC treated 40mm steel case houses the manufacture’s time-tested Calibre GP3300 calibre, viewable through the sapphire caseback, while touches like a rubber-patterned alligator strap and almost minimalist smoky blue dial, clearly inspired by the cosmos, round off this beautiful piece.

Bridges Cosmos

GP SIHH 2019 01 cosmos2

We’ve saved the best (in this case, most complicated) for last. Staying true to its expertise in haute horlogerie, Girard-Perregaux unveiled the Bridges Cosmos, an undeniable ode to the wonders of the universe. This three-dimensional stunner houses the brand-new Calibre GP09320-1098, and features a tourbillon, world time complication, and sky chart. The latter displays the most visible constellations laser engraved on a blue-tinted globe, which rotates in the same amount of time as a sidereal day—23 hours, 58 minutes, and 4 seconds. A scale model of the Earth serves as a world time display, and offers impressive details like hollow oceans and raised continents. This unique timepiece also does away with a crown, symbolizing the limitlessness of the universe; all adjustments are made on the back of this masterpiece.

roger dubuis sihh 2019 01

It came as no surprise that the Roger Dubuis display was one of the most photographed presentations at SIHH this year: The manufacture, after all, has managed to seamlessly combine two of the most obsession-worthy things on the planet—cars and watches—and has constantly created buzzworthy pieces backed by both technical excellence and really, really cool campaigns.

Here, we run down three of the manufacture’s best releases at Geneva.

Excalibur One-Off

roger dubuis sihh 2019 02 one off

Inspired by the first ever custom hypercar created by the auto manufacturer’s Squadra Corse motorsports division, the Lamborghini SC18 Alston, this futuristic beauty brings together modern art and groundbreaking technology. The Excalibur One-Off is a ceramic and carbon fibre stunner that, in true Roger Dubuis fashion, is a testament to fine watchmaking, with its openworked dial, purpose-built RD106SQ movement’s double flying tourbillons, jumping hours counter (just like on a Lambo!), and a function selector all but pulled from the SC18 Alston.

Excalibur Huracán Performante

roger dubuis sihh 2019 03 huracan performante

Don’t write off supercars just yet, because the new Excalibur Huracán Performante is an ode to the Lamborghini with which it shares its name. This limited-edition piece, of which only 88 are available, takes every aspect of its inspiration and translates it into a fabulous piece that screams for attention on the wrist. A skeletonized spider case in titanium houses the RD630 calibre—which features an angled balance wheel inspired by the revving of V10 engines—while the strap harks to iconic Pirelli tyre design. Missed out? An unlimited production model—which, of course, features changes like a less ornate dial and strap—is also available.

Excalibur Shooting Star

roger dubuis sihh 2019 04 shooting star

Talk about a study in contrasts: we adore the juxtaposition of details like diamonds, pink gold, mother of pearl, enamel, and colored alligator against the sharp, sleek, Roger Dubuis movement. But this watch isn’t just gorgeous; it also houses a high complication in the form of the RD510SQ calibre’s skeleton flying tourbillon. Two years in development, this diminutive (well, for Roger Dubuis) limited edition 36mm piece, available in pink and blue, is all at once luxurious and ingenious.

#4 Corvette Racing, Corvette C7.R, GTLM; Oliver Gavin (GBR), Tommy Milner (USA), Marcel Fassler (CHE), #78 Jackie Chan DCR JOTA, ORECA LMP2, P; Ho-Pin Tung (CHN), Antonio Felix da Costa (PRT), Alex Brundle (GBR), Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen (AUT), #64 Scuderia Corsa, Ferrari 488 GT3, GTD; Bill Sweedler (USA), Sam Bird (GBR), Townsend Bell (USA), Frank Montecalvo (USA)

On January 26, 2019, some of the world’s most skilled drivers will compete for the title of the best of the best in North America’s pre-eminent endurance race, the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

This year marks the race’s 57th anniversary, and Rolex’s 27th year as its official timekeeper, though its connections to Daytona go back to the early 20th century: British motorist and author Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 1935 land speed record, for example, was set on Daytona’s beach with a Rolex on Campbell’s wrist. In 1992, ties between the race and Rolex were formalized when the latter became the Official Timepiece and Title Sponsor of the day-long challenge.

Practice #4 – Drivers take their position for the start of practice

Held during the depths of winter, 13 of the race’s eponymous 24 hours will be held in darkness, with each driver’s abilities in pace control, traffic management, pit strategy, and changeovers being challenged as they navigate the steep banking of the 5.73-kilometer course of the Daytona International Speedway. Each team competes to be the first to complete the previously-set record of over 800 laps.

Five-time race winner and friend of Rolex Scott Pruett—who retired following the 2018 edition—serves as the Grand Marshal for this year’s race, kicking off the grueling race with the iconic words, “Drivers, start your engines.”

The driver that emerges victorious will receive a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona to commemorate their exceptional sporting achievement. “Rolex and Daytona are inextricably linked. To be presented a watch engraved with the word ‘Winner’ after 24 hours of intense racing is a moment that lives with you forever,” shares Pruett. “Your Rolex is a constant reminder of the perseverance and hard work that goes into succeeding at the highest level. Every driver who competes at Daytona is racing for the ultimate reward – a Rolex watch.”

watch faux pas anchor

We understand that many people might question why wearing watches would have rules of conduct—which, consequently, lead to committing a faux pas—but to us, it isn’t as much about being pretentious as as it is about being proper. “A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait,” the 18th century German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said. After all, how you carry yourself in every aspect of your life says a lot about your character, so paying attention to the little things makes a great deal of difference.

We also suppose it must be said that this comes with a disclaimer: This article should be read with a grain of salt, because to be perfectly frank, we aren’t really talking about, say, global economics or domestic policy at the moment.

Here are a few things we’re trying to avoid doing.

Wearing the wrong type of watch

We understand having a personal preference, but to be truly stylish, one needs to know which situations and outfits work with which watch. Much like how you wouldn’t wear a tux to the beach or board shorts to a formal wedding, the formality of your watch needs to tie into the event you’re attending. Field, racing, dive, and pilot’s watches, for example, should be worn with smart casual clothing, while dress watches should not be worn with casual wear.

Wearing a watch that’s too big or too small

Think of the discomfort of a watch that’s too tight or too loose. The same goes for a watch that’s way too oversized or too small for your wrist. Lugs digging in where they shouldn’t, bracelets dangling or leaving marks… just like ill-fitting clothes, an ill-fitting watch can be uncomfortable enough to ruin your day, and your look.

Constantly checking your watch

Are you timing a race? If not, frequently looking at your watch while having a conversation with someone or while at a meeting comes off as terribly rude. It sends the message that your time could be better spent elsewhere. And heaven forbid you do this while on a romantic dinner: it’s the fastest way to guarantee you won’t be getting another date with the person anytime soon.

Asking inappropriate watch-related questions

By this we mean asking how much someone paid for a watch, where they got the watch, if they’re selling it, and the like when the topic at hand isn’t that watch. Showing your appreciation for another person’s taste by complimenting their timepiece is great, but much in the same way you wouldn’t discuss politics, or religion with strangers or acquaintances in most settings, delving into someone’s purchases reeks of impropriety.

Turning EVERY conversation into a discussion about watches

We get it, you know your chronographs and tachymeters from your tourbillons and minute repeaters, and that’s great. Still, the whole world doesn’t need to hear you proclaim your horological expertise every single time you open your mouth, especially when the ongoing conversation isn’t even tangential to anything related to watches. Most people—even watch newbs—can tell when you’re just showing off. Trust.

Wearing a fake watch

We’re unsure if we need to qualify this statement with the disclaimer “and trying to pass it off as real”. Just don’t be that guy.

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